Pass URL Parameters Through Links In Custom HTML


I am passing through a URL parameter called “tags” to my Unbounce page

I.e. the link to the this Unbounce page would be

I have a block of custom HTML and I would like to pass through the parameter onto the links within the custom HTML block. Unbounce support indicated they don’t have functionality in place and the coding is a bit beyond the scope of my skillset. Any help would be appreciated.


If anyone can help with that, would be so much appreciated.


Hi @loganlloyd,

Is the custom HTML block an iframe?



Negative, it’s just a custom block of HTML. I attached a Notepad file with an example of the code; the HTML creates a drop down list in which each selection takes the viewer to a distinct URL per option. Those links are the links in which I’d like to pass through URL parameters.

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Hi @loganlloyd,

Your attachment didn’t come through but @Rob posted a handy link on a similar thread here in the community.

This should point you in the right direction.

You need to grab the parameters and append them to your links.