Pass tracking parameter thru to the WebHook Post


If my landing page URL is
http: //
pass the query string parameter, in this case “cmp=ethicalmarketing”, thru to the WebHook Post. This addition would allow for tracking the effectiveness of multiple campaigns which we are using to drive traffic to your service.

PLEASE add it as the LAST parameter included in the WebHook post, as that will cause the least problems for others using the WebHook post. It would also be very considerate if you would notify us if and when this change goes in.


Hey Charles,
This is actually already possible. If you create a hidden field in your form called “cmp”, Unbounce will automatically recognize that there is a query string param in the URL with the same name, and will populate the hidden field accordingly (this works for visible text fields as well). The value of “cmp” will then be passed along in the webhook along with all the other form data.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Carter, I’ll give that a try!


Carter, The above suggestion works perfectly! Thanks again.