Pass form value into 2 fields

We collect lead information using forms in Unbounce.
Ultimately we pass those leads using Zapier webhooks into our Sales CRM, PipeDrive (probably not relevant, but just for clarity).

Normally, all of our forms ask for the “Company” field, which is super helpful when we create it in PipeDrive as it helps with the lead organization (Lead name is underneath company, etc.).

We are testing a new page & form that do not ask for Company and it’s winning. However, not passing a “Company” value is messing with our Sales CRM’s ability to create & organize the leads in an effective way. It still works, but not optimal.

Since we ask for “Name (first/last combined into 1 field)” I am thinking about just passing the value inputted by the user in “Name” to be the value in both NAME and Company fields when it goes off to Zapier. Then I can at least pass a relevant value into Company, which will likely get updated later. This approach passes off for our sales team, but not sure how to do that in Unbounce. Would love any advice or hints.

Hey @Josh_Aston,

Why don’t you just tell Zapier to pass the Name field as the Company field when you are setting up the zap?

Otherwise, you would have to write a bit of JS to copy the value of the Name field to the Company field when the form is being submitted.


@Hristian, thank you for the thought and response.

We currently have 8-10 landing pages within Unbounce. 6 of the pages have a legitimate Company field entered in by the submitter, while 4 of the pages do not have a company field. Only 1 zap is used to transfer all leads to PipeDrive, so if I made the change at the zap level, it would overwrite the legitimate company information from 6 of the pages, so I was hoping to figure out a way to do it on the Unbounce level.

Hey @Josh_Aston,

If you don’t want to use 2 separate zaps or modify your current zap with the Path feature, your only option is to write a bit of JS.

This should get you more than half way there. You would want to use the beforeFormSubmit.


Really appreciate it, thank you!

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