Pass data (url, ref url, cookie data) to hidden fields



I was wondering if there is a way to capture these types of data with hidden fields:

  1. landing page url
  2. referral url
  3. cookie data
    The reason to use hidden fields for this is to make data available for passing to Oracle Eloqua.

Can this be done via unbounce directly or via Google Tag Manager?

PS: To be clear I’m NOT referring to passing data via UTM or any url parameter


Hi @aquamine,

The landing page URL is already being recorded with each lead and you can map/pass it through a webhook.

The other two: referral URL & cookie data is possible to write in a hidden field with a bit of JavaScript.
(Of course, assuming the cookie is from your domain/subdomain).



Hey - I have exactly the same question. @Hristian could you please provide some details on the JavaScript part? I would like to use a field “Referral” and map this with our Salesforce Integration.

Thanks for your help!
Best, Sabrina