Pass data from a pass thru variable to a hidden field


Is it possible to pass the value of the GA_keyword to a hidden field in a form called msm_secondarysource ?
I want to pass the Keyword that triggered a form fill into my CRM so I can verify what leads turn into actuall sales, but it needs to be named msm_secondarysource.


Hello Scott,

If i undersand right you would like to prefill a hidden fill on your form with a URL parameter ?
if yes, i do it on all my campaign very easily.

Add an hidden field on your form and call it “msm_secondarysource”.
Then when you broadcast your landing page you should add a parameter to look like this :
–> you replace the XXX by the source you want to indicate.

You may already know but you can also prefill parts of your form if you already know the people you are talking to.
For an e-mailing campaign, you could prefill the first and last name, the email, the zipcode, etc.

An example on one of my campaign (sorry it’s in french) :
–> here &b_id is the equivalent of your “msm_Secondarysource”

Hope it helps


So can the source be GA_keyword that is passed from AdWords? So


In theory it can be anything you want :slight_smile: Just set up the parameters with the info you want to collect and do a test form to see how it appears in you system.