Paid Unbouce phone consultant needed!


Need phone consulting by experienced Unbouce user to get up to speed with landing pages.

We are new to landing pages and would like an experienced Unbounce user to be available to help us by phone.  Phone times to suite your schedule.  May be a few sessions or ongoing depending on your experience.


Bill Perry


Hey Bill,

I’d be happy to help. With over 80 published landing pages I am an unbounce power user. All my pages are fully responsive. 

Check out some of my unbounce pages here:

Daniel Gillen


Hello Bill,

Do you mind elaborating on what you are looking to learn?  
If it is strategic related I am happy to help, but if it is on getting used to using the Unbounce software I would highly recommend checking out Unbounce’s recorded webinars where they walk step-by-step creating different landing pages.  
Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Best regards,

Joe Faillace


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Hi Joe,

This morning I emailed answers to your great questions but my email was returned saying “Mailbox is Full”! 

Please advise,

Thanks, Bill


Hi Bill,

Thank you for notifying me.  I am talking with support right now to resolve this.

I’ll shoot you another email when it is resolved.




One question: How many website visitors do you have per month?

Let me know :slight_smile:


Hi Bill,

I’ve seen so many landing pages, I often forget what the real world looks like (just kidding).

I would agree with Joe. Unbounce has incredible documentation, workshops & e-courses.

If you’re looking for help with some more sophisticated campaigns, I’d be happy to help!