Paid or organic search landing pages?


This might be a dumb n00b question, but are the landing pages I create in unbounce meant for paid or organic search or both?


We get more than half our traffic from organic search, so setting up landing pages that are SE optimized would be really attractive. Obviously the question is how to fit unbounce laning pages into an overall SEO strategy for our entire site. But it’s definitely an interesting path.


I’m very excited about the prospects of using unbounce for organic search. I found that by manually submitting the page to google, then linking to it from our blog site, seemed to get it index in about 24 hours. I’m not sure if this is a scientific replicable result…but it seemed to work on my first few landing pages.


Hey Doug, happy to hear that’s been working out for you!


Would love for the pages to be found organically. Hope this will happen soon.


I just realized what some of the confusion on organic search with unbounce pages might be (there’s another conversation on Get Satisfaction about this as well). Carl’s initial comment (9 months ago) mentions that “we’ve disabled indexing for all Unbounce pages”. This is not entirely true anymore, only for pages that are using as the domain (see the robots.txt file for that domain here).

However, if you’re using a custom domain, we are not excluding any agents - so your pages should be totally indexable. That being said, the only way google will find out about your page is if you have some backlinks to it from some pages that are already indexed (another site, or blog, etc…) Submitting it using google’s webmaster’s tools can’t hurt either (as Doug mentioned above).

Hope that helps clarify a few things!


" ‘we’ve disabled indexing for all Unbounce pages’. This is not entirely true anymore, only for pages that are using as the domain"

Is this still the case? Do I need custom domains to get my UB pages indexed?

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Hi Robert! Yes, you’ll definitely need to setup a custom domain if you want your pages indexes. You really couldn’t do any sort of SEO on a shared domain like, which is why we’ve disabled indexing for it.


Hi Tom, that’s actually a good question! Unbounce will work great for both paid and organic search. The only caveat being that during our beta period, we haven’t yet implemented the ability for you to control whether or not robots can index your page (and thus, whether or not it will show up in organic search results). Given that we have some customers who don’t want their pages indexed, we have disabled indexing for all Unbounce pages for the time being.

That said, we hope to have the ability for you to control this soon. Would love to know which is the priority for your marketing efforts, paid or organic?