/pages/{page_id}/leads "from" precision?


I am running a sync from Unbounce to our database. I am using the “created_at” attribute as a high water mark to pull new leads. When I pass the latest “created_at” value in our database back to the “from” query parameter I get back the the lead that it came from plus any new leads. I am using millisecond precision as does the API.


The API document states “Limit results to those created after from”. I interpret that as > not >= which is what appears to be happening. It’s also possible that your database is storing the value with more precision than you are exposing to the API.

I check if the ID exists in the database and ignore it when it does as a workaround. Am I doing something wrong? If not, you either need to change the docs or change your API.


Hi Itctech,

This indeed is a bug on our endpoint. from should be exclusive in the case of to isn’t provided. We will file a ticket and fix this as soon as possible.

Thanks for reporting this.


Hi @ltctech,

This should be fixed now! The from query parameter should now return results after the provided parameter value (to is still <=).


It is indeed fixed now. Thank you.