Pages integrations errors count doesn't work

Hi, I am currently trying to identify pages that have integration errors using Unbounce API. I believed that the best way was to make an API call and check the pages that have “integrations_errors_count”. However, testing it even if the page is marked to have integration errors I still get
integrations_errors_count": 0
So need your support here.

Hi Abduallah,

I sent you an email about this but I just wanted to add it here in case others come across this issue!

The /accounts/{account_id}/pages endpoint is currently returning incorrect counts of integration errors for each page. To retrieve the correct counts, use the /pages endpoint instead. It returns all the pages the caller has access to. The “integrationsErrorsCount” field for each page has the correct number of integration errors for each page.

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Hi Anna, Thank you worked like a charm.