Pages down - full panic here! [Solved]


Hi - we have more than 700 pages that are either unavailable (error 503) or VERY slow right now. What to do - this is CRITICAL, please…
For notation: All our pages are in Europe and this forum, page editors etc works. Is the published pages that are in trouble…
Please can someone from Unbounce reply on this. We don’t even get answers to support tickets.


I had a live chat with an unbounce rep this morning. He pointed me to the above link. Issue is being addressed.


Hi Lars,
We’re aware of the issue and we’re looking into it as we speak. To stay subscribed to this issue, and the general status of Unbounce services, be sure to check out and subscribe to updates.


Thanks for both action and feedback. We will follow the status link the comming hours as well as the pages. It seems stable now so thanks again.
I hope you understand our “panick” as it really hurts our business as an agency.
Best regards


Understood Lars. This is something that we take very seriously at Unbounce so we’re doing everything we can to investigate and ensure it wasn’t malicious, and make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Thanks for your patience and understanding here.


Just giving an update that the outage has been resolved; we’re still investigating the underlying cause. Subscribe to for further updates.


Did you ever find the root course to that problem? Because now it’s all wrong again. All pages are down or slow once more. You simply NEED to identify the course and get it corrected. As an agency we can’t rely our business on this same problem repeating it self…
Best regards


Hey Lars!

It’s an AWS issue here… have a look here. CallRail, Asana & other SaaS are unfortunately experiencing issues at the moment.

As an agency, I totally feel your pain. We had to pause all campaigns at the moment…

We’re crossing our fingers this gets resolved soon.


Yeah, looks like something that is affecting a lot of people who are using online services right now. I’ve posted an update here:


:white_check_mark: Amazon AWS Outage Update [Resolved]

Amazon has resolved S3 issues & pages are now loading. Subscribe for future service updates here: