Pages can't be opened from China



I have faced a problem that landing pages pages created with Unbounce can’t be opened in China - most probably due to the Great Chinese Firewall. Any ideas how to make it work?

Situation: I have created several pages targeted for Chinese users. However, my colleagues from China say they can’t access those pages. The same thing happens when I check the pages with this service - it says the pages are blocked.

Can anybody recommend a nice solution to this problem?



Hey @Diana_Elchaninova!

At the moment, our pages load external resources from Google. Since Google is blocked in China, those external resources prevent the page from loading correctly. These scripts provide core, critical functionality for our pages, so the pages themselves will be heavily impacted by not being able to load those external resources.

With that being said, there’s not really too much we can do about that at this time. Hopefully that doesn’t throw too big of a wrench into your plans!


Any update?

Have you thought of caching/proxying the google resources?

This is really disappointing - spent days troubleshooting a load time issue thinking it was our own services causing the issue when actually it was the one service we’ve never had to worry about in the past :frowning: