Page Transition Effects



I’m not a coder and need suggestions and guidance for page transition scripts that work well with Unbounce. I’m not going for “pretty” here, just functional - want to reduce the perceived wait time. 

Since my LP is a multi-page form, I’d like some kind of transition effect between when the visitor submits the form on page 1 and page 2 loads and so on through the entire 5 step funnel. Right now when someone clicks the submit button, it changes color but he has to wait for 2 seconds before the next page loads, which also loads quite clumsily. Multiply this across a 5 page funnel and he could bounce. I’m looking for something to counter that.

I googled and found some options, this one seemed the easiest to use -

Added the JS and CSS using script manager to all pages on the domain.

So I have three questions I could use anyone’s help with - 

  1. The final step according to the author is to add a ÒtranstÓ attribute in any link or button:

e.g. Next

How do I add that to a form submit button on Unbounce? You can check my page at:

2. Any other lightweight script that will do a better job instead of the one above?

  1. Anything else I can do, like adding a non-intrusive “please wait” message somehow on each form submission? How do I do that?