Page stuck in Republishing mode


Page was updated, but the page has been caught in the “hold tight republishing” setting for days. Please help!


Hey Megan, 

It looks like you’ve run into a wee bug that keeps the page in the ‘republishing’ state indefinitely. We’ve gone ahead and kicked_ your page from republishing, so you should be good to go for now. If this happens again, feel free to send us a quick email at and we’ll take care of this for you. 


thank you!


I am having the same issue.  Page is stuck on “We’re publishing your page…” for more than 15 minutes.


Having this issue as well - any help would be great!


Hi folks! Just a quick update, we had a brief period on July 27th where some pages were getting stuck in republishing. It was resolved shortly after, so everything should be working fine now. 

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