Page speed AMA!



Hey folks! :wave:

We’re going to be publishing a Q&A session of anything you’d like to know about page speed and Unbounce! We’ll be bringing in Marketers, Product Owners and Developers from our team to field any questions you’ve got!

Feel free to post any questions here in a thread, and stay tuned for updates!


Awesome! Can’t wait for this.


Curious to know if lazy loading will be a part of Unbounce in the future, would be very nice to run tests with large high-res pictures below the fold.


Following along!




(1) How does Unbounce manage image size / compression with the new 2x and 3x resolution feature? Will screens with lower resolution be sent a smaller resolution so they load faster?


Love it! Keep 'em coming!


Is there a checklist for what we should be doing to best optimize our pages?
Can you tell us more about the hosting infrastructure, CDN, etc?
What are your recommendations for compressing/optimizing images? Any favorite tools?
What’s the best way to optimize JavaScript that has been added to an Unbounce page?


Hey folks! Just wanted to keep y’all in the loop, we’re putting together all of these questions (and submitting some of are own) and will be updating you in the next couple weeks with some very helpful content.

In the meantime, please continue to submit anything you’re curious to know about page speed! :+1: