Page properties Geometry width


Page width of all Landing pages in Unbounce seems to be set at 940. Is this something that is standard to Landing pages. I understand setting the size for mobile, but what is the side effect/ con of setting it to 1920 width (desktop) for instance?

I am new to landing pages and learning the do’s and dont’s


Hey Jeffrey, 

First things first, you can set the width of your page to anything you want. By going to Page Properties > Geometry > Size (see the attached screenshot).

Second, although you can set the page width to 1920+, you should ideally keep your content within 940 - 1366 px. Beyond 1366px your content would be taking up too much space on the page, longer text lines, etc.

Also, by setting a high width by default would force visitors with lower resolution screens to have to scroll left and right. You don’t want that. 

Last but not least, you can set a background for your section(s) that takes into account the screen resolution an adjusts accordingly, while keeping the actual content always visible.