Page list screen - poor design & testing


A recent change to the page list screen has introduced a real problem for those with resolution width of 1280 or less: now you can’t ready a page name if it’s any wider than 8-9 characters:

It’s like I am being forced to rename all my pages to 9 character names so I can identify them on this screen.

Now I am a lowly tech-enabled business person with only 1280 resolution on my screen width - not a high-flying UI designer with a 37" wide monitor 3755 pixels wide, so as a result I’m being thrust back into the dark ages of MS-DOS when file names couldn’t exceed 8 characters.

Is anyone else seeing this as a problem?

It seems like the most basic best design and testing practices would have identified this as a problem before it rolled out for all users…


I’ll gladly trade you a 37" monitor for those conversion rates. Whoa!

But seriously, I agree because sometimes I try to check stats or enable/disable pages from an ipad or iphone. The reports don’t render well on those screens either.


Hey Phillip! (I have to echo @Andrew’s sentiments, those conversion rates are :fire:)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention here. We’ve had a few other customers reach out about this as well, and I agree it’s not an ideal experience.

This is the first step towards a larger update to the Page Overview which will account for much longer page names, which we’ll be working on over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we’ll be releasing a tooltip that will allow you to view the entire title when you hover your cursor over the page title in the list. While this also isn’t the most ideal setup, it’s a stop gap until we roll out the larger redesign.

I do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, but I (and my team here) really appreciate your well-articulated feedback. Please let me know if you have any questions, Phillip!

All the best,




Thanks for the insights. Looking forward to progress on this.

And re: those conversion rates - those pages are all in the same funnel, The crazy high conversion rates are on pages where someone has already opted in on previous pages.

Strong testament to incremental micro-conversions!