Page Element Templates


Often times, various page elements can be swapped in and out of a single template. For example, you might have two versions of a form - one that’s requesting minimal contact info and one that requests complete contact info - which could be used in the same page template.

Rather than having to maintain multiple page templates for each variation, it would be useful to have “element templates”, modularized content that can be dropped onto a page with little effort.

Right now, you can copy and paste an element from one template to another (TIL you can even copy/paste a while section!) so there are ways to work through this. But having the repository of those elements within the Unbounce UI, right there next to the other drag and drop elements, would make the process more intuitive.


I totally agree and had planned to post this feature request. For our pages we use lots of similar elements (sections) which could be shared across pages. Perhaps they are maintained only in one master location or just allowed to be copied from a list of shared items and then maintained in each landing page.


Hi Joe - interesting thought! Do you find yourself copy/pasting elements often? We do, so this is why it is particularly interesting…