Page Data Beyond 30 Days


Hi Unbounce community,

Our dev team has been able to use the Unbounce API to download page data, e.g. name, visits, conversions, etc. up to the present day.

What we’d like to do next is download page data between a date range that is older than 30 days. This is so we can better track the performance of a page over a longer period of time. Essentially, we’d like the same thing as the Traffic Reports feature ( but per page and with a custom date range.

Looking at this page: there is an option for a ‘from’ and ‘to’ string, but this only pulls the pages created between the specified date range - not the data itself.

Any help with this would be appreciated - thanks!



Hi there P,

Currently our API doesn’t allow for you to grab that data via a single query, however you can use the list of pages from the first query you mentioned, to then iterate over each individual page endpoint and grab the data.

Hope that helps,