Page changes after native horizontal form release or Google font release


Hi all,

I was curious if anyone noticed page changes after the native horizontal forms were released on 14Nov. We have a couple pages affected - they lost button formatting - the font and size changed. The page hadn’t been republished near to the date of form release. I looked at the live URL on the afternoon of 10Nov with no issues, then looked at the page the evening of 14Nov and saw the issues.

I’m also curious if any pages recieved the Google Font update later than mid September…this might have been the cause too.

If anyone has experienced random reformatting within their page too - any info you have would be helpful!

Thanks a bunch!


Hey Jennifer!

I’m glad you’ve started the dialogue about this for other customers who may be experiencing something similar, but for this case I’m going to send you a direct message as I’ll need a bit more info to dig into this with our technical team to make sure we know what the culprit is.

I’ll be in touch shortly!