Page Builder Suggestions


Hi There,

First off I love Unbounce - and have two suggestions that are inspired by working with Adobe packages and Lucidchart - that might help improve the page builder. They might have been suggested before so apologies if so !

  1. Colour Swatches - I’m sure I’m not the only person who works with either a client’s brand guidelines or with a pre-picked selection of colours. It would be really helpful if we could attach these colours to a master selection area - and then click on them whenever they come into play - whether it be the background, text colour, box colour, buttons etc.

  2. See how objects are placed in proportion to others - Lucidchart does this very well - (I use this to wireframe all my pages for client sign off - before they go to development or building in Unbounce). When you move an object it will bring attention when the space between similar spaced objects is the same - meaning that everything is placed with the right spacing between it - a subtle yet noticeable design strategy that helps achieve the laws of proximity and symmetry.

Hope these might be possible one day. 




Great suggestions, Amit!  And enjoyed the read on the laws of proximity and symmetry :slight_smile:

I think your feedback is spot on and would be beneficial.




Thanks for the ideas, Amit! The colour swatches would be super handy when working with brand guidelines, and the enhanced space proximity and symmetry would help with overall design ease. 

P.S. Love hearing these types of ideas from a seasoned pro such as yourself. Keep 'em coming!


Hey Luis,

Thanks for supporting my suggestion ! It’s great to see some other designers up here. What other things do you think would help the page builder become even more awesome ?

I sometimes wonder if the layers thing is too complex ?




Hello again!

The layer thing you can already do something similar by using the Page Contents pane and the tree structure… I do miss being able to drag and drop and move its content if that what you mean.

I would say that for me, a feature I’m really looking for is to be able to set Character Styles like Indesign does, on a way that you can just create them and then update everything across the page with one click by only changing that specific character style. Now what I mean?

Standard reference grids. Having 960 guidelines for instance…

Last but not least… groups! But that I think that feature we might be seeing in the near future :smiley:

Luis Francisco


Hi Amit,

Those are great suggestions! They will come in handy especially for agencies and designers in general. The colour swatches are already in our radar but the “smarter” guide (pardon me for the lack of term) is something new but definitely worth validating.

Currently, our team is working on projects like lightboxes and WordPress integration. I need to talk with our PMs where these suggestions will fit into our roadmap but as soon as we have confirmation, we’ll reach out to you.

For the meantime, keep those ideas coming!



Hey Amit,

Great suggestion!
As a designer, those are definitely features I would love to see implemented :slight_smile:

Luis Francisco


Hey Topp

Yeah ‘smart guides’ is actually what I think Lucidchart calls them - they are deal cool. Really helps when laying designs out.

Hope they’re something you guys can integrate at some point. Don’t worry I’ll keep hitting you with stuff if it comes up.

Hey imagine how cool it would be do upload a pdf - and the page builder’ reads it’ and automatically integrates it all in specific sections and layers - like the layout app in page builder. Would be cool - would also be a nightmare to code I’m sure !