Over 9000 Sign-up Form Design Variations


There are a lot of us sitting here on the other side of the screen, designing landing pages (i.e. customizing landing pages provided by you, guys). And the majority of us likes exactly the same templates. All Unbounce templates are awesome. But there are not so many to choose from, to tell you the truth. And this templates has some elements that are really easy to recognize. Sign-up for would be good example.

So, please, provide us with some options and variations. Otherwise, in a couple of month our customers would tell: “oh, that’s another Unbounce landing page template …lets get out of here”

You don’t want to be GeoCities for Landing Pages, don’t you?


Hey Anton, great comment! We have been getting a few folks recently with similar thoughts.

We’ll hopefully get some new designs added to the templates list before too long, but we’re also excited to look at some sort of marketplace for template designers as well.

Really appreciate the feedback though. We’ll update Get Satisfaction when any new templates are added to the list. And no, we definitely don’t want to be GeoCities for Landing Pages!