Organize Images / Files into Folders


With over 50 pages and counting, it is very difficult to go through all my uploaded images to search for a specific client’s photos. Giving the option for creating individual image folders would be very helpful!


Good idea, Melissa!  Much easier to search on a project by project basis.




Hi Melissa! I’m wondering, do you use the built-in “Clients” feature in Unbounce?

If your clients’ accounts are set up this way, then you can also maintain separation of their image assets, so it’s a step towards what it sounds like you need.

It might also be worth your time to check out our new agency-specific ecourse, “Landing Page Strategies for Agencies,” for more tips and tricks :slight_smile:

Would love to hear more about your current workflow and whether we can help improve it at this stage. We are continuously working on improving things like page and asset management, so the feedback you provided about multiple image folders is super helpful. Thanks!


Hi Tia

I often find that sometimes I need to use the same widgets/icons with different clients - so actually having one ‘root’ directory and then the ability to folder graphics would be pretty cool. It would certainly help with organising images - and not having to scroll through loads to find what you’re looking for. 

Reckon this idea has legs - that’s my 2 pence !




Excellent insight, Amit, thanks for adding to this!


It would also be nice to filter images that aren’t used on any pages, so I can clear them out.

But yes, image organization is a challenge in Unbounce.


I agree there could be a few improvements in this area. 


Same Problem here. It would be very handy to create subfolder in the “my images” folder.


Agree, and would also upvote the “Not used” filter  I have multiple images with small tweaks and trying to find the one I want with similar names and all looking exactly the same in the thumbnail


Any updates on having subfolders? 


When you go to delete an image, I think it should maybe list all the pages it is live on? That way, there wouldn’t be any disruptions to published pages? :-) 


Subfolders for the win!


I would love to have the ability to share certain folders with certain people. I would still like some aspects to be client specific.

For example I would like to keep each client’s branding information and exclusive material in a section where only people with access to that client can see it.

This way if I have someone working on one account (like a PPC agency) they won’t know which other clients are in there in my case someone a particular person might view as a competitor (not that I would take on a direct competitors but you know how people can misinterpret stuff if they are similar industries).

I would love to have a shared folder between all clients where I can store things like icons and clip art such as directional cues which can be used across all accounts.

This would be a massive help with managing different clients quickly and easily.

Even being able to grant access based on said folders for different users would do the trick.

P.s. there is a work around for this. If you copy a landing page between clients it will share everything on that page such as images. Note that you will need to delete any logo’s from the clients that received the shared landing page to prevent it being in their section.