Organise Landing Pages into Groups


I seen a post on here a while back about organising landing pages into groups (or folders), has there been any progress with this? We are a large organisation and are creating more and more landing pages, and it would make life so much easier if this were a function in unbounce…


Hi Jon, yes there has been a some progress on this - it’s still not ready for consumption yet, but we’re working on it and will try to update all the related GetSatisfaction threads when it’s released. Likely sometime in the next month or so.


I can’t wait till this is done! This will help so much!


please :slight_smile:


Hey guys, just wanted to get some of your feedback – would you find it useful to be able to nest groups of pages like this?

  • Parent Group

  • Sub Group

  • Sub Sub Group

  • [Page One]

  • [Page Two]

If so, how many layers deep could you see yourself needing? Also, what would be an example of group names that you would use for your existing pages.



Hi Carter,

Yes, that would definitely be helpful. In our case (an agency), here is what would be helpful:

* Parent Group - List of ALL clients
* Sub Group - Client A
* Sub Group - Client B

Within each client would be a list of landing pages.

At this point I don’t see the need for a Sub Sub Group. We don’t have that many pages per client.

Hope that helps. We can’t wait for this feature.

Jeff Conlon
IMA Interactive


Hey Jeff, thanks for the feedback and use-case! Totally understand your need here, and we’re also working on an agency version of Unbounce (for multi-client and multi-user support) that will probably help you manage your separate clients even better than just using groups of pages.

Either way, I’m looking forward to more feedback as we move along with these releases. Cheers!



I belive I would need more subs. Im using your site for PPC landing pages. I would need the ppc platform as parent group like “Adwords”, “BING”, “Facebook” then have a sub for the campaign names then one for the adgroup names.


Great feedback, thanks Viktoria


Great to see movement with this!

Yes I would deffo need more sub subgroups.

Firstly I would look at grouping by country, then by campaign type, then by variations (not A/B test) within that campaign, i.e.


  • Email Campaigns
  • Cat 1
  • Cat 2
  • Cat 3
  • Google PPC
  • Campaign 1
  • Campaign 2
  • Campaign 3

So thats 3 levels, but looking at the amount of campaigns I have set up since using Unbounce (around April) already, and for what we have planned, I would suggest at least 5 levels would be needed


Hi Carter!
I’m very excited about the idea of “folders” on the dashboard. I’m not sure my use case is much different than the others, but I do the marketing for a couple different non-profit groups and would love to be able to place the appropriate pages in a directory under their respective group name. And I actually would like to see sub sub pages, but it’s not a deal breaker.

My outline would be

NP Group Name

  • Main Landing Page
  • sub page(s)

Thank you for your consideration.


Mine would be

Client Name
Landing Page 1
Landing Page 2
Client Name
Landing Page 1
Landing Page 2


Thanks for the continued feedback guys – all of this is very helpful right now.


On a related note: will these nested pages allow us to make global changes to all child pages of a parent page? IOW, can we create whole sites within unbounce so that if we change the header in one, it will change in all of the child pages?


Hey Gordon - we are definitely planning on letting you perform global tasks to pages within a group, but they will likely be more high-level tasks such as “re-publish all pages”, etc. What you are asking for is a different feature that we’re hoping to tackle soon - “shared page sections” or “shared page snippets” which would allow you to share a Header across multiple pages, and update it in one place for all of them. These two solutions (“groups” and “shared snippets”) probably won’t be released at the same time, but they are both planned.


Ah, the roadmap is long and winding…or was it the long and winding roadmap?

I’m pretty sure when people say “groups” it is a navigation issue, i.e. not having to view all of the assets in a single list. You could probably eliminate the whole notion of groups if there was a convenient way to see a list of all pages with the tag “Pepsico”, for example, and have that view persist instead of reverting back to the default view of all files.

And to echo Gordon’s notion – once you have “groups”, you need “group operations”…the ability to “publish” all at once, the ability to set a Mailchimp forwarder en masse, the ability to define baseline SEO, the ability to add a CSS reference to all pages, etc.

(While you’re talking about shared page snippets – for the far future roadmap, please consider implementing dayparting. That is, the first action is to define a default snippet and where to apply it. I suggest adding the capability to schedule times when a different snippet would override the default snippet. For example, a special snippet could be scheduled for display on Christmas Day. It may sound trivial right now…but I would argue that scheduling content was the one thing that really put Hootsuite on the map. After all, if a service saves you from having to go to work on Christmas Day, isn’t that a good thing?)


The group option will be very helpful for us as well. I also like the idea of global changes. I have multiple campaigns with the same landing page and have to change each one separately which can lead to mistakes. I think if you just had the ability to edit an page with the same name once and have it update where ever it is used that would be great.


What is the status here?


Agree, would be great to finally see some of those promised features implemented at last. Those new templates don’t excite me the least.

Feels to me core development has stopped, are you guys just growing the user base and aiming to be taken over by a third party?


I agree. Some people posted great ideas to improve the current version. We’ve been with Unbounce for 3 months and nothing changed. Even though it’s a great program to start with but we are thinking of jumping ship because we are finding other much cheaper solutions. If you would stay on the top of your game then people would not thinking of leaving.