Optimize your images IN the Unbounce builder!

Raise your hand if this has been you: you’ve just spent 20 mins poring over the internet and your internal library looking for the perfect image for your page. You want to make sure your image looks nice, but doesn’t weigh down your loading speed. Here comes the more dreadful part: downloading/resizing/compressing/uploading in a third party tool, possibly multiple times. :raising_hand_woman: :raising_hand_woman: :raising_hand_woman:

We’ve got great news for you! You can now control your image compression settings for JPGs and PNGs directly in the Unbounce Builder!

Introducing Auto Image Optimizer!

Auto Image Optimizer is a new feature that allows you to specify:

  • The size of your image, ultimately determining the loading speed of your page.
  • The quality of your image, if you want a sharper, more visually appealing picture.

The Optimizer can currently be used on PNG and JPG image types. Your images are automatically compressed, but like all things Unbounce you have the power to customize it to your liking. You can fine-tune image compression on each individual image or at the page level.

Images are automatically optimized on all plans, but the ability to fine-tune your image compression is available to Essential, Premium, and Enterprise plans. Click here to review which plan you’re on.

Fine-tuning your PNG Images

  • Click on the JPG or PNG image that you’d like to optimize in the Unbounce Builder.
  • On the Properties tab on the right side of the Builder, scroll down to the Image Quality section.
  • For PNG Images: 24-bit PNG images are automatically compressed to 8-bit images to decrease load time. If you prefer to keep them as 24-bit PNGs, deselect the “Apply PNG Compression” checkbox.
  • For JPG Images: JPGs are set at 60% compression by default. Click and drag the slider to the compression level of your choice then click the Relink button.

You can do this at the page level as well by navigating to the Page Properties tab and scrolling down to the Image Quality section. Visit our documentation for detailed instructions.

Increase your efficiency and build faster loading landing pages, talk about a double-whammy. As always, feel free to share your thoughts below👇.


What an awesome new feature!!

Thank you dev team and all involved for rolling this out! :raised_hands:


Super handy timesaver! Love that you can set it a page level and override on individual images :slight_smile:


Yaaaaaaaaay! :raised_hands: :man_dancing: :dancer: :raised_hands:


Thanks for sharing the love for image optimizer @jimothy @Zoe_Tattersall @Kyle.C :blush:! We’re so excited about it too.


Hello I have some questions… can you or another rep call me at (415) 987-0804


Justin Stephenson

Hi Justin!

The best way to get urgent answers over the phone is definitely by reaching out to our Support team support@unbounce.com. They’re best suited for quick solutions.