Opt-in to thank you page for affiliates

Opt-in pages to build email list’s start out normally with-out)) their own product.
So lets say you create a landing-optin page to build a list. Your going to use a ClickBank
vendor offer. You have a free gift with a CTA on your opt-in page …you get their email as they
click to get your free report. Now. There is something in-between that’s quite Important.

it’s called a transition page. You don’t want someone clicking for your gift then Bang" an offer
starts playing" They’ll think this is the - Real reason you asked for there email" to sell um something. There now Gone" Forever. So your transition page was-what was used
to alleviate this problem in marketing them; as you build a list. So a couple questions here…
1 - how to enter in a transition page into the thank you page so they work one after they other.
and 2 - what are other ways this is being solved since several years ago? There are about 20 or 30 Data Base companies now. I used geresponse 5 years ago. Now I like aweber but" it’s a
problem I once solved with a Developer. a 5 second page in-between the op-tin & offer. End.

Hey @Non-Secure ,
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Do you per chance have an example of a transition page in action that I can reference? If I can take a look at what you are looking to recreate, I can try and connect you with some ideas/resources.

Unbounce has a direct integration with AWeber (if you are using Unbounce!) but we do integrate with a couple of other tools depending on your needs. If you just need an e-mail tool for building lists then Mailchimp is very popular, I would say.

A lot of Unbounce customers also use some of the bigger ones like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo too. As I mentioned, the choice is really dependent on your needs. You might not necessarily require all the bells and whistles that Salesforce offers - whereas if you need something a bit more than an e-mail list (and perhaps some CRM-type services) then AWeber is not a bad choice to use at all.

Let me know what you think!

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