Opinion about a giveaway


Hello to everyone,

I made a landing page and I’m giving a video like giveaway. 

I set 3 different ways for getting traffic. 

1- Facebook Ads
2- Google display
3- Google research.

The headline is: “Find out the 5 reasons because you have to drink alkaline water if you want a strong health.”

That’s more or less (original is in italian :slight_smile:

What do you think?
Now I had 66 visitors but 0 conversion. It’s a bad.

This is the page’s link: http://ionizzatoreacquatop.com/lpv-1/

Thank you


Hello Lorenzo,

Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to give you a heads up that the video would not play in my safari browser.

Warmest regards,


Ciao Lorenzo! Benvenuto a Unbounce! I’m half Italian so I felt the urge to show off a little :wink:

There are several factors as to why a campaign won’t succeed. Without getting into too much detail here are some of the most common weak spots:

  1. Poor quality traffic due to keyword selection & campaign structure
  2. Ad copy & ad creatives communication are disconnected from landing page offering
  3. Poorly designed landing page
  4. Poor landing page copy

In your case, 66 clicks isn’t enough to reflect the true performance of your campaigns, but I see how it could be alarming!

I took a quick look @ your LP and I felt the text was a little cluttered. Try to cut down on copy if possible + create some space around your text. Additional space around your text will make elements such as bolded text + Call-To-Actions appear even more important!

Take a look at this great resource from unbounce re attention-driven-design

If you have anymore Qs, feel free to fire them away!

Stefano Apostolakos


Hi Joe,

I think the giveaway in this case is the video! I read Italian, so it probably helped!


That explains it! :slight_smile:
Lorenzo, perhaps removing the play button would be something worth considering?   It may be visually perceived as a call to action.


Hi Lorenzo! 

I am also in a similar industry and our lead generation conversion rate was around 20% and most of the leads came from Facebook.  For us Google works best to close the sale and Facebook to get leads. 

After doing some AB testing for my product (supplement) these results might help you too. 

  • We started having more conversion after having a picture of our scientist in a white lab coat rather than in in a suit. The picture was next to the claims and in the facebook ads. 

  •  Try to show more numbers in the benefits to generate credibility. Be more specific. 

  • In order to see the testimonials of the product we request their contact details. (Name, email, and why they are interested in our research or product) 

  • Video did not really work. Attention span was poor after 1min. 

I hope this helps you and also be careful with your local laws about advertising health products, Facebook and Google have really strict policies for this types of products.