Open graph 'image' tag not working for Facebook sharing


Trying to use open graph tags to define the “og:image” that gets shared when user shares on Facebook. Unfortunately no matter what I do I cannot get image to update to the image that I have specified in og:image. It DOES show in Facebook debugger but a random image from landing page is loaded every time :frowning: Please help!


Hey Denver - Facebook will cache a page once a link gets shared. That said, the debugger tool is supposed to force a clean scrape of the page, so it’s really weird that it’s working there but not on Facebook itself.

Can you shoot us an email at with the URL of the page you’re trying to get posted?


Per your instructions, sent an email about this to Please look for an email from me. My name is Denver!


This seems to be a popular ask, so we’ve created an easy guide which you can find here:

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