One page with multiple URL's?


We’re looking to send out some unique URL’s maybe with a company or a person name at the end of it but I don’t want to use up all of our allotted landing pages to do this. Is there any other way to have one landing page with multiple URL’s that all link back to it?


Hi there!

A few ways you can almost do this.

Use a URL shortener like, or simply add UTMs to your URLs


I second the suggestion of UTMs! :smile:

For example:


To add to these previous suggestions, you can also use Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement feature to add in someone’s name to the page, based on the name you put in the URL. This makes a landing page easily to personalise, normally increasing the conversion rate :+1:


Hi - I use the Dynamic Text Replacement feature to add in someone’s name as well as a URL shortener. rebrandly lets you change where your URL points to without having to send out another link to your partners or affiliates.

I use the UTM concept but without UTMs.
Some of our URLs are massive. And they all point to one landing page and when the individual fills out the form the name-of-partner and industry copy into the hidden fields on the form and go directly into Salesforce to better route the lead.
It helps us a lot as it keeps our form inputs to 4 and allows us to manage less landing pages based on our partners or affiliates.


You need to use a mix of utm parameters, dynamic text replacement and hidden fields.

  • Utm Parameters: So you can track your campaigns, traffic sources and attribute each conversions accordingly.

  • Hidden fiedls: So you can capture the some of the UTM parameters with the user registrations, and store them accordingly in your email software or crm

  • Dynamic text replacement: so you can customize the landing page content according to user persona and improve your conversion rate.

Let’s say you buy traffic from adwords or bing or facebook. There are some parameters that you must capture so you can measure properly the ROI of your ads, and some of those parameters can be used as dynamic text on the landing page.

Last, when you capture a lead through a specific keyword, you will definitely want to “tag” this lead in your CRM as it will help you improve your email campaigns.

Hope that helps.