One-Click Facebook Registration = Getting Your UsersÕ Best Email Addresses


I want to ask if you plan to add a feature like this one:…
Will be great to have inside the forms the option for facebook. Thank you


Hey Felix,

We don’t currently offer this level of connectivity through Facebook within the app just yet, but there is a bit of a workaround that you can try. Start by testing out the demo here (note: you need to be logged into Facebook):…

Johnny put together a custom solution to get this working that’s fairly easy to implement. You can check out his step-by-step instructions here:…

At the moment our highest priority features include SSL, spam filtering and of course, responsive - but once those are out of the way, this would be a great feature to implement. I’ve gone ahead and changed this from a question to an idea so others can vote on it and hopefully get it into our roadmap.

Thanks for submitting this!