On-premises version of Unbounce?


Related to the idea I suggested “Subdirectory support for landing pages?”, have you given any thought to making a version of Unbounce that could be deployed on a company’s premises? i.e. deployed on a server in a company’s data center.

Your page editor and your software for comparing variants, analytics, etc. is great and the hosted model works very well for getting people up and running fast. However, for a company that already has multiple data centers, multiple internet connections, etc., it would be interesting to have the option to deploy the software in that internal infrastructure.

I realize this would be a very different business model - a capex model based on per-seat-usage or some similar metric. You would also have to get into the business of formal “releases”, updates, installation issues, etc. - and all of that might not be something you want to take on right now.

Just thought I’d ask, though, since one solution to my other idea about subdirectories is obviously very simply to deploy the software directly on a companies web servers in their data center(s).


Hi Dan!

We have definitely discussed this, but it’s tough to make a really strong business case for it. Overall this would increase our distribution and support costs, meaning we couldn’t put as many resources into product development. It’s a bit of a lose/lose really, in our opinion. The SaaS/cloud model just has such compelling economics for all parties it’s hard to beat.

That said, I don’t want to completely reject the idea of doing something like this in the future!

I’m really interested in hearing more about your arguments in support of the idea. One argument I could see is for any industries/companies that had jurisdictional or compliance issues.

Would also be great if you could comment on your other subdirectory topic. I know Carter had asked about some of the reasons behind wanting that instead of a subdomain. Technical? Aesthetic?

Keep the comments coming!