OG Image Tag not showing for Facebook

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added og tags into .js but when I used the Facebook share button on site it didn’t show the image. I haven’t encountered this problem before. I tried the FB debugger but it tells me the image isn’t there, when in fact it is…this is the link to the image (the one I used for the og_image tag)

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Hi @lintay :wave:

It’s hard to know exactly why the image isn’t loading, but I’ll quote @Hristian from an earlier thread that might be helpful

Here’s a link to the full thread for more context.

If that’s not the issue, would you mind sharing the code you’re using? That will make it easier for us to investigate :mag:


Hey @lintay,

Those meta tags need to be in the <HEAD> of your page and not where you have them at the moment.

Change the placement and re-scrape through the FB debugger.


of course, thank you so much Hristian! I should have known better! much appreciated!!

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Thanks for doing that Jess, it’s been resolved now!

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