Offline Software for Windows and Mac to create unbounce landing pages


Hey Guys

It would be helpful if Unbounce can create an offline version of Software for Windows and Mac to create unbounce landing pages.

So concept is that we will create page in offline software and it is going to generate .unbounce file and we are going to upload it to unbounce website and setup the page. OR Sync option in unbounce software

It will increase the efficiency of work and users don’t always depends on internet.

This is just a suggestion Please let me know your thoughts guys.

Unboucne please do so or i will :smile: just kidding!

But concept is great. Let me know.


This is actually a pretty cool idea! Sort of like Google Web Designer. I could definitely seen some use cases for this.


Hey @Vijayinder_Singh!

Unfortunately, supporting a native app for desktops isn’t something we’re likely to do. One of the reasons being is that it would significantly slow down our ability to ship new features (we’ve only got so many hands :relaxed:). We would need to divide our development efforts between both platforms instead of focusing on evolving our web product as fast as we can. Hope that makes sense!

However, if the issue is just regarding having no internet access while still being able to make offline edits in the builder, that might be a different story. Is that what you’re suggesting?


I’m going to disagree here.

The movement is towards cloud apps. Less and less stored on your local machine. Internet is more and more accessible,m sure it goes down once in a while, happened to me actually 2 weeks ago, and when it does take a break.

Besides, you design your LP in Photoshop, Sketch, whatever. Slice and integrate online. All the testing is there too sop no real need for a local copy IMHO.