Objects keep moving up and down


Hey, whenever I am putting a box or text, it starts moving up and down with the page lol.

I am trying to see in the preview and when I am scrolling down the page, the box and texts move up and down with me.

That covered thing is the box with some info and a CTA button. Both of those moves up and down as I scroll up and down the page.

How do I fix this?

Kindly help me on this.


Hey @Mr.Sam,

It’s not really clear what the issue is so if you can provide a link to your page, the community might be able to help.

Also, check for any scripts referencing this moving box.



Hey Hristian here is the landing page URL: http://unbouncepages.com/gameoffer/

You will both the boxes are not steady and keeps moving up and down as you scroll down or up the page.


Ok. Just uncheck the parallax effect on your background image.




Thanks that solved the issue.

Another thing, what is the recommended size of background image? Because I tried to use a 1920x1080p pic and a portion of it went outside the region despite trying numerous position options in the dashboard. Then I tried with a 1366x768 pic and same thing.

So, what is the recommended background size pic?


There is no recommended size for a background.

It really depends on your target audience and the devices/monitors they are using.



Hey Hristian, thanks for the info. :slight_smile:



As @Hristian said, there’s no perfect size for a desktop background, but if you need something as a starting point, I personally build pages at 940px wide, and I use a 2x-sized background for full-width sections.

So the background images I use are typically 1880px wide. I then adjust if there are issues depending on the specific project.

Again, this is not universal, and it totally depends on the devices/audiences you’re optimizing for, but it can help you get pointed in the right direction.