Last time I looked, I had only around 100 views. Looked today and surprised to see 1,000! And with a lower conversion rate. It would be nice to have some notifications when traffic spikes or when conversion rates change dramatically.


Hi Salim. We have notifications on our radar as something that could help a lot of users in situations like this. We’ll be sure to keep this thread in the loop when we start rolling out the feature. Thanks!


Agreed. We need Unbounce to notify us ASAP. This is a major disadvantage at the moment. Until Unbounce makes it possible for us to be notified of new conversions, Unbounce is not as valuable as I see it.


Hi Eddy - thanks you for your comment. Yes - this is a feature that a number of our customers have been stressing the importance of lately. I can tell you that is is on the development road map and we are looking forward to it being available in the not too distant future.

Its also worth noting that, if you have some technical ability you can use our existing webhook feature to achieve this. The sample script attached to this Unbounce knowledge base article demonstrates how to send an email (…)