Notification on concluded tests (95% significance)


Highly wanted feature: Is it possible to get a notification once a test is concluded based on the % of significance of your preference (some like 95% - others like 99%)? I would also love to see Unbounce automatically shutting down my lower performer once significance is reached (based on my 95% preference).

While I am at it I would like to get a nicely formatted email summarizing the results from that test by email :wink:

In my former job I was using ion interactives LiveBall platform for everything landing pages. I have no plans of going back anytime soon, but they had my two first features in place years ago.

Keep up the amazing work!


This is an awesome idea Finge. We’d love to get some notifications in the app, and notifying about test significance is likely where we’ll start. Thanks for the details.


Great! Can’t wait to see it live :wink: