Nothing happened on WP dashboard


Hi There, 

I have sent this to support team but they can’t help.
and I’m no ideas now.

I already installed an unbounce plugin onto my wp site.
but nothing happen when I clicked the tab. { see attached }

Moreover, I did these on my sub domain that it’s working fine.
with the same website structure and PHP version.

If anyone who have/had this issue, please kindly advise.

Thank you so much


Hello Taskworld,
Sorry to hear that’s not working out for you.  I can’t pinpoint what the issue is for you, but just wanted to suggest trying a different browser.  Also worth uninstalling and reinstalling in case something hiccuped during the download.

Best of luck!


Hi there!
It looks like this might be more of a technical issue, so I’m going to pass this off to my support team so they can dive in and take a look. Hang tight!