Not Receiving Web Forms


I am not recieving my web forms to my email, i have checked it over again & everything is correct. I get it on the backened where it says web leads but not to my email. I don’t know why it isnt working. Company Name: Mercy Plumbing.


Hey Dean!

Thanks for reaching out here! As much as I’d love to provide a detailed explanation of what’s going on here, I’d need a lot more information regarding your account – which isn’t something we want to do in these public forums. This is something that our (amazing :stars:) support team should look into, would you mind sending them an email (, or a phone call at 1.855.435.5151?

I’ve already brought this up with them, and they’ll be keeping an eye out for your message – if this issue is still happening, they can definitely sort you out.

Keep us posted, Dean! :wave: