Norton Shopping Guarantee


I’m trying to integrate the Norton Shopping Guarantee Seal on the landing page - does anyone have experience integrating this type of feature? It should appear like it does on this page:
Page I’m trying to get this feature working:

I have instructions and code from the client, but it doesn’t work as expected. I’ve tried adding it as custom html and as Javascript. I’d appreciate any insight.



I would guess it’s because the page is not sitting on your client’s domain which the guarantee will be registered with –

“In order for the seal to display, the URL of your website must be in our system. Please let us know if you will be installing the seal on a development environment with a different URL than your website.”


Thanks Zoe! I’m just too close to the content sometimes I overlook these things. I thought I read it some where in the documentation but couldn’t find it again.


I feel ya! :wink:

The amount of times that I’ve spent ages trying to fix something … and it’s always seems to end up being some really obvious. :roll_eyes: