Noob Question: SEO on my Unbounce Page


I JUST created my first Unbounce page and want to make sure that my page is SEO, but I don’t know how to do this. In WP it was easier for me.

I have my site from WP being redirected via CNAME to my UB page. My WP is completely new and its SEO is obviously not great at all. Does this effect my UB page? Or can I optimize the UB separately to get a higher ranking?

My goal is for clients to subscribe via UB and then be redirected to my WP page? So I need them to find my UB page.

Thanks for any help!!


Hi Anthony - thanks for posting!

When doing the type of search engine optimization that you have described, you will essentially be doing SEO for two different domains; your Unbounce landing page and your own website. Although you are more likely to gain better SEO with your site because of the content that it contains, the Unbounce landing pages are still very well set up in regards to allowing bots to index the pages as necessary. Please refer to the follow link to our Unbounce Answers page which includes information on including metadata to your Unbounce page which can also assist with the SEO of the page:…

Going forward, it may be more effective to direct traffic to your Unbounce pages via PPC, email or other means because as I mentioned above, SEO will naturally be better for a page that is more content-focused versus a landing page which focuses on a particular call-to-action.

I hope this helps to clarify things!