No 'download file' option



Please see attached - I dont have a ‘download file’ option in the Click to Action settings when I drop the menu. Only go to Url.
Is this becasue we’re stil on the 30 days trial period or another issue.


Also -

the original button on the template does not even show the ‘Click to Action’ options when clicked on to bring up the settings. I had to create a new button from the left hand menu however this new button does bring up the Click to action menu but without a ‘download file’ option. Also in the preview mode this new button doesn’t ask for any of the fields to be filled in where the original button does ask for the fields to be filled in ! Help please :slight_smile:


Hi Amie,

Sorry to hear about your confusion at this point, so depending on the template you are choosing:
¥ Lead generation templates will have a form followed by a submit button.
Clicking this button will submit the data that gets into the form field, but clicking on the form fields itself will give you more options upon the submission. (see attachment below)

¥ Click through templates use regular/default button, which means clicking this button will give you the click action options on the properties panel on the right.

Following back on your first question, at the moment ‘Download file’ option is only available when you add a button in the form confirmation dialog.

If you have any additional questions, or are still confuse with certain things, let us know. We’d be happy to help!


Hey Amie - the download file option is only available if you’re using a template with a form and have added a button to the form confirmation dialog as seen below.

I know it can seem counter-intuitive, but if you’re trying to change the click action of a button attached to a form you’ll want to click on the form, not on the button itself. Just like so:

Does that make sense? Let me know :slight_smile:


This is very confusing and should be fixed. Only having the ability to download files in form confirmation is just a very limited functionality.


I agree with Carlton. Would love to be able to put it on my page


Hi Adam, 

The download functionality has been discussed a few times here in the community and arguments can be made either way. 

In essence, you are building and optimizing landing pages in order to achieve a goal. Usually, that goal is a new lead, a click-through or in some cases a direct sale. 

Offering an incentive (ex. whitepaper, checklist, infographic, etc.) in exchange for a bit of personal information has proven time and again as a pretty solid conversion booster. 

Hence, the download functionality being available only after your goal has been achieved. 

Otherwise, Unbounce would turn into your everyday average hosting company used to offer download links. There are far better solutions for this. 

Now, if you still want to offer direct download links, you can take a look at a thread right here that can point you in the right direction. In the thread, I’ve given an example, on how to do multiple files download on the Thank You pop up but the same principle applies to using it on the landing page itself. 



No matter what i do, I can’t get the download option to show up on my button.


Hi @lamaya,

Can you provide a bit more details on how you are approaching this?

Where is the button in question placed - on the landing page or in the Thank You popup?