No conversions


Like another poster below, I’m also having the same issues…just getting a fat zero of conversions. Everything is ticked for measurement, no hard sell, use of videos, testimonials, layout etc as recommended. Tried several different versions of the page. Yes we are getting traffic but just no interest. Can anyone help with ideas as to why? Or should we think that B2B is just very very difficult?



Do you have the link of the page ? Just to see it ? Hard to tell without seeing it.
Also, what’s your buyer persona?


Sure, link is: 

Persona wise, small to medium business owners



What are the different versions of your page ?

You should try shorter page with more space between the title and the different elements of the text.

For which channel of communication do you use this landing page ?


This one, after the CTA, is much better !


interesting as that is a layout we have tried in unbounce as well…landing page channel is PPC


Here are some tips, according to me:

  • change the color of the CTA
  • no need to repeat the phone number in the middle of the page
  • How to get your quotes out quicker is fine but not the second sentence. Try to keep the same tone of voice and talk about the problem that your audience is facing
  • One landing page, one goal: do not talk about the free consultation on the same page as the free trial CTA
  • too much content on the 3 steps (customisable, who created, don’t lose your leads)
  • do not talk about what your product can do but the solution your audience will find.
  • Picture of people for your testimonials

What do you think ?


all definitely good points, I’ll try a version with your suggestion and see what happens…


Feel free to show me the page first. How many source visites did you have ?


Cyril hit the nail on the head. I agree with all of these points.

Most important are the CTA colors. Right now your buttons blend into the rest of the page. Make them pop out using some contrasting colors.

One single call to action is also vital.

And when clicking on that call to action, I am taken to a page that looks and feels very different. Are you able to collect the lead info on Unbounce, to reduce the friction between the different pages?

Also, consider adding some trust logos, maybe of brands you work with.


it was around 50, which I know isn’t a long trial…


Thanks for your input Nicholas…


Social Proof!


I would recommend reevaluating some of the design choices as well. You’re close, but I think there is something missing.


Yep. Probably not enough to have great conclusions. It’s also depend on your PPC strategy. Keywords choices and the accuracy of your page with the need of your audience.


Have you seen any improvements since you made some changes?


Unfortunately not. I need to look at our site re secuity. Make it HTTPS etc and hopefully we’ll get more sign ups



I don’t think the HTTPS will be THE change that will make a huge difference in terms of conversion.

Thanks for you follow up