New Year, New Open Beta: Introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in Unbounce :amp:



2019 is the year of page speed and we’re kicking off with a new open beta release! If you have a Premium or Enterprise account, you can now build lightning-fast AMP pages in Unbounce.

What is an AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are near-instant, Google-approved landing pages that load up to 85% faster than regular pages. Get higher mobile engagement and increase conversions with AMP.

How does it work?

  1. Turn it on. Join the AMP beta by logging into your account and going to Labs on the left hand side control panel. Then select Enable Amp Beta and Update Settings. A new option will then appear in the navigation menu that goes to the AMP builder.

  1. Build it. Building an AMP is exactly the same drag-and-drop experience as a regular Unbounce landing page. Start with a template, build from scratch, or copy contents from another page.

  1. Validate and publish. Once you are happy with your AMP design, save your page and return to the page overview. From there, you can publish and validate your page using the link to the Google AMP validator tool. Preview is currently not available in beta, so we recommend that you publish to and validate before publishing under your domain.

What functionality is available in the beta today?

Build AMP pages with Unbounce’s drag and drop builder

  • Instead of learning AMP HTML, you can build build fast-loading AMP pages and see the benefits immediately with a page builder made for marketers, not developers

Convert content from your Unbounce landing pages into your AMP pages

  • No need to recreate the wheel. Copy and paste complete page sections and/or individual elements from your existing Unbounce landing pages and Unbounce will automatically convert it into AMP format for you.

Lead Gen Form Support

  • Embed lead gen forms with support for custom styling and functionality to make your forms look the way you want.

Add AMP compatible components

Integrate with your marketing stack

  • Connect to Google Analytics and your other apps using Unbounce’s native app integrations, Zapier, or Webhooks. At this time, direct integrations to Hubspot and Infusionsoft are not supported as their proprietary integration javascript is not currently AMP compatible.

Who can join the open beta?

HEADS UP! :mega:

AMP is available to all customers on Premium and Enterprise plans! To review which plan you are on, click here.

As this functionality is still in the beta phase, while you’re testing, we’re still building. We’ll keep you informed of any updates and improvements during the trial.

Let us know what you think! Post your questions or feedback here. Our team is watching :eyes: this thread for your feedback and questions.



How do the AMP and non-AMP versions of pages work together? If we send traffic to a non-AMP landing page that is linked to an AMP landing page, would the AMP landing page load instead? Or do we need to send traffic directly to the URL of the AMP version?

Also, I assume that this only applies to traffic from mobile devices? Will desktop always load as the non-AMP version?




Em minha conta ainda não está disponível.


Hey Andy, good question!

If you connect your landing page with the AMP version of that page, all mobile traffic from supported platforms (like Google search, Twitter, etc.) will be sent to the AMP version of your landing page.

Here’s a full list of platforms and vendors that support AMP:

And to answer your next question, you’re right, AMP only impacts mobile pages, so desktop traffic will not be impacted.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much! Just want to make sure I’m 100% clear here. If we send mobile traffic to our landing page from a source that is NOT on the list of platforms/vendors that use AMP, then the non-AMP page would be used?


That’s correct! The mobile version will appear if you’re sending traffic from sources that aren’t included in AMP supported sources.


Oi Carlos,

se você estiver em uma conta Premium ou Enterprise, você deve estar vendo AMP na seção LABS de sua conta. Se sua conta não tiver sido atualizada imediatamante após clicar em “Enable” e depois “Update Settings”, dê uns 30 segundos, atualize a página, que você deverá ver na lateral esquerda do navegador. :wink:


Hi there,

I am using the HubSpot integration in my non-AMP pages, however this is still missing in the AMP page builder. Are you planning to add this integration with the next deployments?

Thank you!


Meu plano é premium e não aparece:

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 09.00.03.png


Hey @Stef36! I’m glad you brought that up. I took a look at the HubSpot community to make sure I’m not missing any workarounds that I’m not aware of, and from what I gather, you can enable AMP pages within your HubSpot blog, but currently AMP doesn’t support landing pages or other pages outside of the blog.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on HubSpot product updates to see if anything changes, but in the meantime Unbounce AMP pages are unable to support HubSpot integrations.

Hope this helps a bit!



Oi Carlos, estou te mandando uma mensagem privada para te ajudar melhor. :slight_smile:


Hey @Stef36,

Unfortunately the Hubspot and Infusionsoft integrations both rely on Javascript, which is not allowed on AMP pages so they are currently disabled. In future there may be a way to support them with valid AMP code but in the short-term they will not be available for Unbounce AMP pages.



Let’s say we have a non-AMP page with two variants, and we only link to the AMP version from one of those variants, which is eligible to receive 10% of traffic. Would only that 10% of traffic to the page be redirected to the AMP version, with the 90% going to the other variant remaining with the non-AMP version?


Hey @Andy2,

You will need to add the link to both variants of the page. Due to the way Google indexes pages it is the only way to guarantee you get the benefits of AMP.



Thanks @Brian_Burns. If we have blocked our pages from being indexed by Google, does that need to be a consideration?


Hi, I am not sure if this specific question has been asked. There is an option of building the AMP pages from the scratch and what if i want to connect the AMP page to a desktop based landing page, how this work. Is there anyway to connect both these together?



Our account is paid, and we are trying to install this beta. However, the beta is telling us we need to upgrade. Can you help us troubleshoot?




Hi Alex @abonvechio,

I’ll reach out to you in a direct message about your account :slightly_smiling_face:

Stephanie from the Unbounce Customer Marketing Team


Hey @bhanukaran,

For now you’ll need to recreate the desktop page by copying and pasting the page sections over into a blank template. You can then link the pages following the instructions.