New UI Update: Visual Cues for 'Bring Forward' and 'Send Backward'


Hey Folks!

The Page Builder has been updated with a little UI change that improves the Bring Forward and Send Backward functionality.

Now, when you move an an element on the z-axis, a small animated visual cue will demonstrate exactly where the asset is in relation to other objects.

Technical jargon aside, the benefit is that it makes sending objects forwards and backwards  _way easier _because it’s now way easier to see. In fact, the only way we could make it any clearer would be to physically arrange the layers IRL. 

Again, it’s not a huge overhaul - just a small tweak to make our lives a bit easier when building pages.  Thoughts? Feedback? Let us know what other UI improvements you’d like to see in the future!

Ð Justin


Awesome, I’ve often had to click a few times and wondered if it’s doing anything until the final click makes the visual change I’ve wanted. I’d love to see a bit more detail on layers, perhaps a layer map or redesigning the left toolbar showing all the page elements to show a layer number or grouped in layers?

Great tweak though


Really great feedback, Stuart! The left toolbar is overdue for some love, I’ll pass this on to my product team. I’m also volunteering you for user testing if/when we start working on that. Deal? :slight_smile:


Love it! I have often found myself clicking the “bring to back” again and again until I noticed a change. Until now I had no idea what happened, or if anything at all happened :wink:


I know what you’re talking about! Hopefully it’s a little more intuitive now. :wink:


New user, but love it already. Thanks for the heads up and the update!


Welcome to Unbounce & the Community, David! :slight_smile:


Currently having a hard time with this feature also. Can somebody please help :frowning:


Hi @mathew,

Can you elaborate a bit more on exactly what you are having a hard time with?

The Bring Forward and Send Backward feature, adjusts the Z-index of your page elements.

In some cases, page elements in the same section can have a big difference between their Z-indexes and you might have to click the Bring Forward/Backward a few times to get them moving.

Just check the current Z-index of the element you want to move and see how it changes after a few clicks on one of these two buttons.