NEW: Troubleshoot your Integrations with better error handling!


Yesterday we rolled out a big improvement to our integrations that helps notify you when form submissions don’t make it through to their intended destination. A few examples of this are:

  • MailChimp:

  • The email address submitted in your Unbounce form is already subscribed to your MailChimp list.

  • The API key for your MailChimp integration is invalid

  • The email address that was submitted is invalid

  • One of your MailChimp fields is marked as “required” but no value is being sent from Unbounce

  • WebHook:

  • The destination URL returned error response code (400 or 500)

  • The desination URL timed out

  • The destination URL is invalid

  • Email me new Leads:

  • Your email address(es) are invalid or not responding

There are many more possible issues that can go wrong with your integrations, and as we add more integration options on our side, the list is only going to grow. In order to help you spot these issues as soon as they happen, you’ll see a message on your dashboard that you have X number of pages with integration errors:

When you navigate to the overview screen for that page, you’ll see that one or more of your integrations have errors (in this case, it’s our MailChimp integration):

View the details of those errors and you’ll see the option to “View Submission Details”, “Retry Submission”, or “Dismiss Error”. Combine these options with the actual error message itself, and you should be well on your way to troubleshooting your integration!

As we learn about every possible error, we’ll fine-tune the messaging so that you get useful information, and in some cases we’ll do our best to just fix the issue for you automatically (when we can!) Hope this helps some of you, we’d love to hear any feedback from those that have used it!


Could I ask whether the errors in integration would only be viewable IF we’re logged in to unbounce. Does that therefore mean there’s no say email notification to account holders - that we need to be logged in and looking at the dashboard to know of errors? (I’m imagining the scene where there’s an error not known unless logged in daily to monitor.)


Hi Jennifer - that’s right. Your dashboard will notify you of any pages with integration errors and the specific details are listed on the overview screen for the page in question. If you can provide an idea of how you’d prefer to be notified, we’d love to hear your feedback.


Hi Ryan,

Arguably I think it would just be the case of email notifications, in addition to the message on screen beneath each integration. You could say I want to be emailed immediately or daily, or just weekly about errors (and also be told in advance what email address the notification would come from, so you could whitelist in advance).

Then, the email notification itself would categorise by page, then the inegration/function thats at fault (because it could even be a simple case of the wrong address given for ‘email the leads’), followed by the integration error text, when that first happened and the consequence (i.e. integration not in place as a result since, said time).

If that could be an option for when you first create a page/integration for a page and be asked if you want to be notified by email of any errors it would be perfect. As in our case we setup and would return to unbounce weekly, but imagine if there was an error on a Monday and didn’t actually check-in til a Friday.

Many thanks


Thanks Jennifer - that’s great feedback

I’ve put together a feature request thread for you at… where other Unbounce users can add their vote or share feedback on your idea. Feel free to hop over there and click the +1 button to add your vote as well.

Thanks again!