New to Unbounce - struggling for conversions


Hey guys, I’m new to unbounce and have created a landing page for my PPC campaign which has been running over the last week or so, but frustrated at getting zero conversions despite a decent number of click throughs. Our company are an estate agency/property management company in Scotland, and the landing page is… - any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Martin


Hello Martin,

Welcome to the Unbounce community and sorry for the delayed response!
Keep in mind that we do not know what campaigns you are running, the keywords you are targeting, the placement you are receiving or the quality of clicks…that said, I can leave you with a few “best practices”.  

Disclaimer : Keep in mind this is conjecture and no substitute for A/B testing :slight_smile:

  • Best practice is to not have anything beneath your call to action button beyond a privacy statement
  • Best practice would be to A/B test your call to action button text i.e. Let’s Talk (current) vs. Get My Landlord Guarantees (example - not necessarily a recommended test)
  • Best practice is to have a clearly defined headline and sub-headline.  Might the current intro banner copywriting sound like one segmented sentence?
  • You could try A/B test longer copywriting that gives more information on why this is not too good to be true or even give insights into how they can receive these landlord guarantees with breaking the bank.
  • You could try incorporating video into your landing pages.  My company Nexus Conversions creates animated explainer videos.  What a shameless plug, right? :slight_smile:
  • You could try exit overlays.  Unbounce owns Get Rooster which integrates seamlessly with Unbounce.  They have a 30 day trial and there are a whole other slew of best practices just for exit overlays.
  • You could try having live chat to engage visitors as they are on your landing page.
  • You get the drift.  There are many more and different tests that you can run.  The important thing is that you measure and quantify the results of each.

For a data-driven approach make sure that you are collecting the data.  I recommend tools like HotJar, Crazy Egg, Google Analytics and so on.  HotJar has a generous free trial that might be a good start for you.  Additionally, if your volume of traffic is too low for quality A/B tests within a reasonable period of time, consider user testing.  There are sites where you can affordably get reviews from your target audience.  

Also take a very, very close look at your paid campaign.  Odds are that you could improve your PPC click through rates with A/B testing your ad copy, image or video.  Odds are you could filter some of your keywords out that are not right for you i.e. property management vs. what is property management.  Odds are you could try advertising on different platforms to see if any are more cost effective i.e. Google Adwords vs. Facebook.  

Furthermore, consider taking a course like HubSpot’s free inbound marketing certification.  For a few hours of studying they will help you understand the basics of sales funnels, email marketing, customer journey, buyer personas etc.

Lastly, don’t feel like you need to invest a lot in your A/B tests.  Not to be anecdotal, but from my experience after 10-20 clicks on a certain ad or keyword you can start to get an idea of whether this will be a profit driver or a time waster.  Bare in mind this mindset would not be statistically significant and that factors like time of day, week, month, season, source of traffic, demographics of traffic and so on, should be taken into account.  Analytics will be the key to interpreting this data to make *relatively* sound decisions.  A few die hard conversion rate optimizers are shaking their head reading this last advice and if you have high budgets and lots of resources then do not consider it - speaking to you as a small business owner assuming low to medium traffic, limited advertising budgets and high opportunity cost.  Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.

Best regards,

Joe Faillace


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your excellent and detailed reply. I’ve already put a small couple of items into practice (A/B testing with button text, clearly defining headline/sub-headline) and will spend some time looking at other items in more detail this evening.

I find Unbounce particularly user friendly, and the support (both from the Unbounce team and guys like yourself) has been excellent, and so ultimately I just need to work out what’s required to ensure our Google AdWords click throughs are progressing to conversions!

Will keep you update on progress in next 24h!



Thanks Martin!  It’s my pleasure and I couldn’t agree more about Unbounce.  You are at the right place and there are some amazing people in our community :-) 

Look forward to hearing your progress and feel free to reach out to me personally at hello(at)nexusconversions(dot)com.




Thanks Joe, I’ll drop you a note separately by email tomorrow, but in the meantime I’ve done the following with my page ( - let me know any thoughts:

  • A/B testing of buttons (“Let’s Talk” v “Get Peace of Mind Property Management”
  • Have replaced messaging underneath button with “View our Privacy Policy”
  • Have clearly defined our headline and our sub-headline
    Separate to this I’ve also signed up to Hubspot’s Free Marketing Course, and began that earlier tonight. Looks pretty in depth so looking forward to progressing with that.

In terms of making any adjustments to my PPC capaign at Google AdWords, I don’t think that’s my problem just now (though may be wrong), but as mentioned, we’re getting the click throughs, but not the conversions.

The campaign has been going for just less than 2 weeks, and not one conversion so far - am I being too keen, or do you think there’s something missing? As you can tell I’m really keen for that first conversion!

Thanks again,


You can do it, Martin!  

Stay in touch.




Just so I can follow the path of a valid searcher and so I have the right frame of mind, can you tell me the most popular exact match keyword that brings the most users to your page?

This way when I come to your landing page, I’ll see how much of your page matches my intention via keyword and maybe then we can identify some gaps together.



Hey Martin!

Are you using a telephone tracking number for that landing page? We often see a higher conversion rate for phone calls compared to form completions for your type of campaign. This might be the case for you.

If not, I would consider having a deeper look at the quality of traffic your campaign is receiving. Are you bidding for keywords with high commercial intent? Are you using negative keywords to eliminate poor keyword strings that include keywords such as “free”, “reviews” or “blog”?

Be sure to have a look at the Search terms report to see how your ads performed when triggered by actual searches on Google!

If you have any questions about AdWords feel free to fire them over!


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. So we spent some time on selecting the most relevant keywords last time out, and have settled on the following 5 (all Exact matches, as we were getting a lot of waste through Phrase match and Broad match):

  • Letting Agents Glasgow
  • Letting Agent Glasgow
  • Glasgow Letting Agent
  • Glasgow Letting Agents
  • Letting Agent
    Any help much appreciated. I’ve also amended the main text on my landing page in the last 24h or so in order to improve message match.

Many thanks,


Hi Stefano,

Thanks for getting in touch. No I’m not using telephone tracking, but can look into setting that up and will put in place if beneficial.

I’ve also been paying a bit more attention today on desktop visitors v mobile for the campaign (with mobile edging it very slightly, about 55% v 45%) - would you make any significant changes based on that?

I’ve used the search terms report to remove negative keywords when I was using phrase match (see my above reply to Mark) but now using exact match.

Any help is really appreciated,


Hey Martin!

I typically let a good month of data come in before making any major adjustment or bid adjustments. I’ve been doing this for a little while now so I’m usually comfortable in doing so. It sometimes takes discipline to allow the data to come through, especially when you haven’t seen any conversions.

Have you considered using broad match modifiers? It’s often difficult to select and integrate every single variation of a keyword, so using broad match modifiers along with phrase and exact match + an exhaustive list of negative keywords could help. My worry is that using exact match may have super low volume.

If you’d like me to take a quick peek at your campaigns feel free to shoot over some screen shots!


Hi Martin,

Thanks for providing those exact matches. I didn’t expect you to change things up to only allow exact match because as Stefano mentioned below, it reduces volume. I wanted to just see the message match like you mentioned.

Having said that, here’s what I can suggest:

  1. I’m in Canada, and if I search for glasgow letting agents, it shows your ad. If you actually want international users (who are possibly relocating to Glasgow), then I guess this is fine. But if you don’t, you may need to change your campaign settings to “People in my targeted location”.  Take a look at your Locations report to see if you’ve been getting a high amount of clicks from places outside the UK. Getting international users needs to be thought out a little more (toll free number, skype call, and clear CTA that talks to an international user)
  2. Design wise - I find the image too dominant. Try reducing the opacity of it so the headline stands out a little. 
  3. Try testing without the privacy link at the form. 
  4. Are letting agents popular among tenants as well? It seems as though they benefit the landlord more than the tenants, but do the tenants know that? At any time, in my personal experience I find there are more tenants than landlords lol so maybe the user who comes to your page isn’t a landlord looking for a letting agent, but rather a tenant? In which case, you have some more work on your hands.
  5. Testimonials and guarantees are great, but how about some emotional benefit-driven copy? “Get peace of mind with a letting agent”. 
  6. Maybe a section on a few ways how letting agents are beneficial would be good too. I’m sure people who look for letting agents are well-aware of the benefits, but it doesn’t hurt to add it. Or better yet, test it! :slight_smile:
  7. Is dominoestates a popular brand? If yes, great! If no, I suggest reducing the size of it a teeny bit. I say that because brand loyalty in such professional realms is slowly declining, in my experience. 
  8. See if you can maybe include a map of your strengths. Neighbourhoods where the agents can provide a powerful impact by way of listings.
    Sorry it’s a lot, but hope this helps. 
    Oh, and like Stefano said, pay attention to the phones with call tracking if need be. Set it up with Google, within Adwords. Makes it easy for you to pull reports as well.

Good luck Martin!