New to Unbounce - generating traffic but not conversions


Hi guys,
new to Unbounce and the community.
I hope you could give some feedback on our first page
The page is generating traffic but no conversions whatsoever. I would appreciate some suggestions, specially for the CTA copy.

Looking forward to your advice.



Hi Javier,

Welcome to the community and congrats on publishing your landing page.

I took a quick look at your page and my main concern is that you said that there are no conversions.

I would first look into your traffic since most problems with landing pages not converting are actually related to the quality of the traffic. Just because you have visitors it doesn’t mean they are your ideal target market.

Keeping the above in mind, my thoughts on the landing page is that it’s just too general.

It doesn’t “speak” to anyone in particular and it concentrates a lot on your company as opposed to what you can do for your customers.

Your form seems disconnected with the rest of the content on the page. At the same time, you are asking for a lot of personal information without a really clear message what your visitors would be getting.

I would build the page around a lead magnet related to your business. Maybe a checklist or a short ebook/video of how you would go about purchasing a property in Marbella. What you need to pay attention to and what you should be prepared for.

Start by asking for an email and build a whole funnel around qualifying your leads.

Just my 2c.



Hi Hristian. This is great. I’ll discuss with the team and see how to implement your advice.

Many thanks!


+1 on the traffic concern.

Where is your traffic coming from? Paid Search typically has higher conversion rates when compared to other forms of ad buys (not always the case).

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Hi Stefano,
basically from AdWords campaigns.
It is great to know there is such a wealth of knowledge and experience around.




If you’re running search, make sure to check the “search terms” report to ensure you’re receiving high quality traffic.

If you’re also running display, make sure the placements/interests/keyword targeting are also appropriate.

If you’re not already, retargeting campaigns could help lift conversions (and it’s usually pretty cheap).