New to Unbounce - feedback on our first landing page would be appreciated!


What do you think about our first landing page? Is it strong enough? Would you book a demo?

One of the main challenges is we are using a Demo Booking tool ‘Schedule Once’ which is an embedded tool - takes a little while to load, and the lovely call to action buttons, whilst still there, aren’t the call to action.

It worked really well at the launch of our software, but wonder if there is anything else I can do to make it stronger, particularly for PPC.

Would appreciate your constructive comments please!

Thanks, Sarah


Hey @SarahCo good stuff for sure, but there si always room for improvement.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • The CTA (Button) could use more contrast. It kind of fades away and is not that noticeable, you really want it to SHINE! Consider using another colour that stand, changing its placement, or encapsulating it.
  • The number below the CTA and paragraph should also be in contrast with colour to stand out and I would make it “call to click”.
  • I would create more separation between content. Have each content block in its own section/panel. Use colour o images to define the breaks in each section and maybe center the copy on the age for a cleaner design and easier reading.
  • I would consider having a large HERO panel with a nice background image. Here you want to have a strong value proposition with your CTA.
  • I would make the entire site “stretch to screen” no need for the center white block, IMO.

The “Book a demo” widget on the right site took a very long time to load for me. After a few seconds visitors will just scroll or click away. In terms of “Stronger on teh PPC” I would need to see the start of the funnel, the PPC copy, the banner, etc to get a better understanding of congruency and messaging from step to step.

All in all it’s not a bad page. I like the copy. Please feel free to hit me up with Qs - here to help!


This is fantastic feedback @digibomb!

@SarahCo, did you end up implementing any of this feedback, perhaps in an A/B test? I’d love to see the results!


Not yet, BUT I am looking to do some tweaking this week. I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:



Wow! Thanks for that. I am going to make some changes this week. Thanks for your help. I’ll keep you posted. Sarah


To add to @digibomb fantastic advice (which I sure hope you are working on),

I think you should make those headlines pop too (but not too much that you take the button’s work away).
I’d recommend you leave the section on top only for your logo and a number maybe (if you do call tracking and all that).

And this…

And you were right, this thing is still loading: