New to this and I need help please on my domain info


OK I am new to landing pages so I need a little help. I have a Google Adwords account that I have used for other advertising means but I cannot get the landing page to be approved by Google. The main issue I believe is that its reading my domain name in the add differently then the actual domain name. How do i make the landing page match my domain name in the add exactly? Here is the domain its currently hosted with godaddy and I have followed the instructions on here regarding the DNS etc. Still not working. Please help. I know there are other people advertising with Adwords that have this working ie even though it does not match the actual domain address. Thank you for your help.



Hello Steve - thanks for your call this morning and your question here.

I have checked your account and it looks like your CNAME is set-up correctly and resolving the way it should.

I do notice that you have a generic path (the “/something” part) in the display URL for your page at the moment and I am wondering if it is this that is causing you trouble (either way you should probably consider changing it.)

To delete the path from a page’s display URL:

* Click on “Change URL” in the page overview screen for the page in question
* Delete the ‘path’ of the URL (the “/something” part.) that is in the text field.
* Hit “Enter” (or “Return” if you’re on a Mac) to save the changes, and click “I’m Finished”

*** It is important to remember to hit ‘Enter’ - if you do not, the change will not be saved ***

The Google issue may also be caused by your new DNA settings not being fully propagated yet, in which case it should just be a matter of waiting a few hours.

Hope this helps!



I had a few issues w/ this and chrome on a pc. May want to double check this functionality in that browser. Everything seemed fine when I tried it in firefox.