New to landing pages and would love some feedback please!


Hello Unbouncers,

I’ve just gotten started with Unbounce and have published my first landing page:

It’s been running for a couple of weeks and the conversion rate is not great. I’d really love some feedback on how to improve it. Have gone through the guides and tried to implement as much as possible, but some professional advice would really be appreciated.

The target market is business directors, CEOs and entrepreneurs. Goal is to click through to the workshop registration page.

Many thanks!


Hi Shyma,

Welcome! First off, nice design. I like it. Very clean layout. :slight_smile:

Here is some feedback upon first glance:

  1. The first thing I’m noticing is that there is no call-to-action (CTA) above the fold. Since so many visitors don’t scroll, it is important to take advantage of the above the fold area as much as possible. Consider putting a call-to-action button above the fold, somewhere near the photo of the guy writing.

  2. Secondly, your call-to-action is a bit “soft” both in the way it is worded and in the color choice. “Show me upcoming dates” doesn’t compel me to take action. Consider something like “Register to Learn the Six Steps Now.” You can probably come up with something much better. But try to think of the CTA as completing the phrase “I want to…”. And as for the color of the button, maybe try to make it pop out a little more. The yellow looks good on the blue background, but when it’s on the white background, it kinda blends in. And maybe work with the text color too. White text on light yellow is a bit hard to read.

  3. Consider adding a video. If you have one, a video can be a great way to spruce up an event registration page. People want to see and hear the event.

  4. Consider getting rid of the stock photo of the guy drawing the arrow/chart. People can smell the inauthenticity of a stock photo from a mile away. It’s not going to help the page at all. I like the photo of the classroom. That looks authentic. If you can add more images like that, it will help people envision what it’s like to attend the workshop.

  5. For your testimonials, consider using a photo of a person (preferably the person giving the testimonial) rather than a logo. People connect with people more than they do with logos. And maybe bump up the text of the testimonial section. You really want people to see that social proof.

  6. Sorry for jumping around here, but back to the above-the-fold area… try simplifying it. Right now, I’m hit with the main headline “Six Steps to a Winning Business Workshop” and then I read the questions in red, and then from there, I scroll. I bet you are losing people because they’re not reading everything in the headline. You have a lot of info there. Consider simplifying it to a main headline, a main sub-headline, 3 bullet points (not questions, but benefits), and a call-to-action button.

  7. And lastly… 90% of the time, the conversion problem is not the landing page layout, but the offer itself. I think you might have an issue with your offer here, because you’re bascially trying to get paid registrations from this page, yet you only mention the cost in one section. At first, I thought it was a free workshop. Are you getting a lot of clicks to your Eventbrite page, but  not a lot of sales? That could mean that your visitors are interested, but they either didn’t realize it was a paid event or they weren’t convinced of the value.

To solve this, you could try a number of things, but I’d have to understand your funnel. Are you sending cold traffic to this page? Facebook ads? If so, maybe put this step further down the funnel, and first just try to get them to sign up for a free “preview” webinar or something, just to get their email address. Then, you can warm those leads up using an email automation to get them to register for the paid event.

Otherwise, if you’re already sending warm traffic to this page, and they aren’t converting, you might want to make it more clear up front that this is a paid event, and sell them on the value and what they’re getting out of it, rather than just letting them see the upcoming dates.

Let me know if you have any questions Shyma and best of luck with the page! :slight_smile:


Very detailed comments.



Oh wow, Nicholas - thank you so much for the brilliant feedback! Really valuable advice there and I can already see where some changes would help.

At the moment this page is getting warm leads via email, although once this page is running smoothly, I’d like to create a similar landing page for cold traffic (PPC, FB Ads) with a lead generation form.

I’m going to start off by replacing the stock image, and by making the section above the fold clearer. I don’t think I’m using that space to it’s full advantage at the moment, so hopefully some tweaks will help. And going to try and make that CTA more actionable.

I’d love for you to have one more look once I’ve made all the changes, if that’s okay? :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your time.


Glad to hear it helped. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ll be sure to take another look whenever you’d like. Just post a reply here when it’s ready and I’ll get notified.

Best of luck with the page.


Hi Nicholas,

Have tried to implemented as many of the changes as possible, and I’m actually liking this version a lot better! :slight_smile:

Here they are:

  1. For warm leads via email (click-through):

  2. For cold traffic via PPC (lead generation):

I also have a quick question with regards to the lead generation version - is it possible to have the CTA in more than one place? I’ve tried adding additional buttons/duplicate the form but I think they start acting like two different CTAs.

Many thanks for your help,



@Nicholas Amazing feedback. You are the bomb! :bomb:


@Jess it definitely was brilliant feedback! Really helpful

@Nicholas do let me know how the new pages look (links in previous post) and if there’s anything else I should change :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi Shyma,

What an improvement! I like these pages a lot. These are good foundations to test with. Then, I would recommend just slowly changing one element at a time (if you’re getting enough traffic to a/b test).

Two things you might want to test:

  1. Try adding a nice hero shot above the fold that shows the actual classroom, like the photo you have in the circle lower on the page. If you make this your hero shot, it might help people understand that this is an in-person workshop.

  2. In the second section with the blue background, right below the fold, that starts with “ActionCoach is committed to delivering…” consider adding a headline to help visitors understand what this section is about.

Other than this, I’d say test, test, test and let the data decide! :slight_smile:

As for the CTA question, yes, you can add multiple CTA buttons. Just add the new button wherever you want, and if it’s a click-through button (for the warm traffic page), just link to the same Eventbrite page. For the cold traffic page, the button would just be an anchor link that would “jump” the visitor back up to the top where the form is. You can use the element ID as the link to make this happen. So in this case, the link would be “#lp-pom-box-237” I believe.