New Templates


Unbounce would be better if there were more starting templates to choose from.


Hi John - we are looking to improve our selection of templates all the time. I noticed your comment in another thread about templates for pages that require a large number of fields - are there any other templates you would like to see?



I’m new to Unbounce and I like most of the application.  

However, the number of Templates to choose from seems pretty scarce considering a) the power and scope of Unbounce  b) How long Unbounce has been in business.

I would like to see more templates offered as part of the package, not just a link to 3rd party templates (ThemeForest).



Hi Daniel,

What types of templates are you looking for specifically? Are there any certain design elements or types of pages (event registration, app install, etc.) that you haven’t been able to find from the selection availible? Just curious. :slight_smile:


Hi Nicholas, thanks for asking!

Definitely should have a set of templates for “Thank You pages”, especially considering that the Thank You page can be a really valuable step in marketing funnels.  For example, it’s often used to initiate up-selling after a purchase.  Or to encourage social sharing after a sign-up.

Another template category is “Online Course” which is a very big trend right now.

I would like to see more than one template on the “Long-form Sales [Letter]” template.

And more template designs for “eBook”.  Currently, there’s only one eBook template that shows off an image of a book - I know for me and one of my Lead Gen colleagues, that’s a design element we’d both like to have more of for “eBook” templates in Unbounce.

Another element I’d like to see is a countdown timer.  This is a powerful tool for adding urgency to event sign ups, or to limited time offers for purchases.

Lastly, here’s another idea.  To show stats on the templates, such as total number of published pages using this template.  i.e. I don’t want to use templates that are getting overly used.  On the other hand, I do want to use what’s working best.  So also, showing conversion rates for each template (which obviously is not JUST about the template, since copywriting and offer value is part of the equation too, but still…).

As I use Unbounce and build out my business I’ll post any more ideas and suggestions here.

Thanks for valuing customer feedback.


More feature requests (besides templates)…

  1. Conversions increase when FirstName and LastName fields are side-by-side on the same line.  Would love if we could do that.

  2. Allow us to reset landing page stats for specific variants, instead of just wiping them all together.

  3. Instead of just Templates, I would LOVE to have “modules” for page elements.  The modules can be added to any template.

e.g. Add a count down timer.  Add a computer screen.  Add testimonials.  Add a book cover for an eBook.  This would REALLY take the template library to a whole new level.

Thanks. Keep up the good work!